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Dear Friends Finger Puppets

using Dale of Norway “Freestyle” yarn, available through at the best price on the planet!

Recycle those scraps into smiles!   

Little kids are delighted by these simple toys.  With different expressions on each side, these puppets bring lots of surprises with twice as much fun.  Some kids find the most imaginative ways to play with them; some kids find important things to say to them.  You'll have a great time getting creative with them and bringing out so many smiles.  Don't have a little one around?  Make some for the children's ward in your local hospital or shelter!  Drop some off at a nearby nursery school!  Keep some in your purse, backpack or briefcase to delight all the dear friends you meet!

Abbreviations:  EOR = end of row/round; K = knit; K2tog = knit 2 stitches together as 1; P = purl; rd = 1 entire round of circular knitting; rep = repeat; st(s) = stitch(es); st st = stockinette stitch (all knit stitches in circular knitting);  yds = yards

Yarn:  You'll need just a few yards of a washable worsted weight yarn such as Dale of Norway Freestyle (available through KidsKnits at the best price on the planet!):  4 yds. of a face color, 3 or 4 yds. of a hair color and about 6 yds. total of 2 or 3 clothing colors.  Just the smallest scraps are necessary for the faces. 

Needles: 4 US size 4 or 5 (3.5 or 3.75 mm) double pointed knitting needles, a crochet hook and a darning or tapestry needle.  

Using the "pants" color, cast on 20 sts, distributed across 3 needles (7 on 1, 7 on another, 6 on the last.  When you decrease on the face section, you may have to redistribute a st or 2 to k2tog - that's fine!).  Join sts in a circle, checking that they're not twisted, and do 2 rds of K1, P1.  Continuing with the same color, do 8 rds in st st.  For the shirt, work 8 rds in st st using one of the options below (or get creative and make up your own!):

1)     Solid shirt, just use a different color.


2)     Striped shirt (shown): 2 rds of a light, contrasting color, 1 rd of the pants color, 2 rds of the light color, 1 rd of the pants color, 2 rds of the light color.


3)     Polka dots (shown): Using 2 colors, A & B: *K1 A, K2 B, rep from * to EOR.  K1 rd in B. K1 B, *K1 A, K2 B rep from * to EOR.  K1 rd in B.  K2 B, *K1 A, K2 B rep from * to EOR. K1 rd in B.  *K1 A,  K2 B, rep from * to EOR. K1 rd in B. 

Using the face color, work 8 rds in st st.  Shape head as follows:  *K2tog, K 3, rep from * to EOR.  *K2tog, knit 2, rep from * to EOR.  *K2tog, knit 1, rep from * to EOR.  *K2tog, rep from * to EOR.  Using a darning needle, pull the loose end of the yarn through each of the 4 stitches left, thread it through the top into the inside of the puppet and tie it off inside.  

You can use either duplicate stitches (sad) or french knots (happy) for the eyes.  Try eyebrows slanting up toward the center for a surprised face; slant them down toward the center for an angry face. Mouths can be done in "lazy daisy" or chain stitch.  No doubt, you'll find other methods, too.  For braided hair, make a braid about 5 or 6 inches long, tie off each end with a bow and secure the braid across the top of the head using straight stitches through both the braid and the head with yarn in the same color as the braid.  For curly hair, make 2 rows of backstitched loops, then turn the puppet inside-out and whipstitch the 2 rows of stitches together to lock the loops in place.  Above all, we suggest you make your dear friend YOUR way!


Questions? Contact us at  Visit for the very best prices on Dale of Norway yarns, including the “Freestyle” yarn used in this pattern.

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