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We use Dale of Norway's Tiur yarn, a beautiful blend of 60% mohair and 40% pure new wool.

KidsKnits' Cherry Leaf Scarf
Option A: If this scarf is knit in one piece, the leaves will fall in one direction on the scarf, but they will appear to fall down one side and up the other side when the scarf is worn.

Option B: If this scarf is made in two identical halves which are later seamed together, the leaves will appear to all fall in the same direction when the scarf is worn.

Note: It's gorgeous either way!

Yarn: Two 50g balls of Dale of Norway Tiur wool & mohair yarn will make a 48" long scarf. (Of course, you can use more Tiur and make your scarf as long as you like.)

Needles: One set of size 8 US (5mm) needles, or whatever size you find necessary to obtain gauge, below.

Gauge: Ah, rare item where gauge is not absolutely crucial. Each blocked repeat of the leaf motif in my scarf measured 2" across. With 10 sts in each leaf, my gauge was 5 sts per inch. I used 4 leaves across plus edgings, so my total width for the blocked scarf was 9"; total length using 2 balls of Tiur was 48".

Abbreviations: CO = cast on; K = knit; K2tog = K 2 sts tog; P = purl; rep = repeat; sl = slip; S2KP = sl 2 sts tog, K1, pass 2 sts over; ssk = slip 2 sts individually knitwise, then K these 2 sts tog; st(s) = stitch(es); yo = yarn over, i.e., bring yarn forward and lay it over the needle front to back.

Instructions: CO 45 sts. K 2 rows. Begin with row 1 of chart (see back of card) and work rows 1 - 16 repeatedly. Choose either option A or B, below:

Option A: Rep rows 1-16 through 1st ball and all but a few yards of the 2nd ball, ending on row 16. K 2 rows. BO all sts.

Option B: Rep rows 1-16 through 1st ball of yarn, ending on row 8, set aside. Cast on 45 sts anew and make a duplicate of the 1st half with the 2nd ball of yarn, again ending on row 8. Seam the 2 halves either with a grafted/woven seam or a 3-needle bind-off.

Blocking: Lay a towel out on the floor, smooth the scarf out and pin the scarf to the towel, very slightly stretching the scarf to fit the measurements described above (see "Gauge"). Use a spray bottle filled water to dampen (not soak) the entire scarf. Let it dry overnight. Next day: Liberate your scarf from those pins, wrap your beautiful new scarf around your (or a loved one's) neck and enjoy it forever.